Monday, 29 November 2010

Only 8 months since the last snow

No blogs during the summer as I spent a lot of time in the garden.Now winter is back with a vengeance and too much too soon.After being snowbound for 4 days we spent 3 hours digging our way out of the drive to get much needed provisions for ourselves and the birds.Thank goodness we did as we are once again snowed in.But at least our feathered friends will be fed.


ShySongbird said...

Sheila!! I have been so worried about you! I wondered if your husband was not so well as I know he had been ill. What a relief to have you back :)

What weather we are having, we have only had a dusting of snow so far but have had temperatures of -10C. It seems to have started so early this time.

I see you are still attracting some lovely birds to your garden such as that Yellowhammer and of course with the weather like this there is no telling what you might see. Have you had any Waxwings yet?

Stay warm and safe Sheila, I'm so pleased all is well :)

swatson said...

How lovely for you to have been thinking of us Shysongbird.Hubby's treatment has gone well and he is doing fine except not able to do anything heavy re back and hip pain.No waxwings as yet this year plenty winter months to go though :((
had more snow in 5 days than all of last winter.
you take care also

Ken. said...

Hi Sheila.
Nice to have you back.I hope your hubby gets well soon.
Pleased everything is well at your end, apart from this dam weather.
Nice to see you have been topping up with provisions,including our feathered friends. Take care.

denzil said...

hi sheila,

good to have you back in blogland, glad to hear that you and your husband are ok, missed your wonderful posts, and of course that beautiful stream of yours,