Thursday, 11 February 2010

not very clear shots through the window but I was delighted to see these birds sitting on the wires above my garden then dropping down to feed on the berries on one of my bushes.A first for me.Always thought they were a larger bird.How pretty they are.


Warren Baker said...

Waxwings form the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blimey sheila id be jumping up and down like mad thing! VERY NICE bird!

ShySongbird said...

Oh Sheila!!! How do you do it? I never cease to be amazed by what you see in your garden, just incredible and I have never seen one anywhere!

I do hope your husband is going on alright.

swatson said...

Warren,I was running around for camera and bins and they kept flying over the fields when traffic came past.But they came back twice so it was exciting.
Shysongbird,first time I have ever seen one cheered me up.OH is well,his back is better and 18 more sessions of treatment.Thanks for asking

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Sheila.
If you could see my face the colour you would see would be green. Oh to have Waxwings at the bottom of your garden makes me wish they had arrived in Kent. I too get then some years in the tree's at the bottom of my garden.
Hopefully they will turn up this year.
Well done on photographing them Sheila.

swatson said...

thanks Ken,its lovely to see a "new" bird in my garden.They are so different to what I had expected,smaller and more colourful.I did feel priveleged.

karen said...

Oh wow Sheila!! How lucky are you???Beautiful pictures of such pretty birds! i really wish... xxx