Saturday, 29 August 2009

This nuthatch was quite the little acrobat hanging from the branch
I took over 60 photos in sequence of this dipper diving for food time and time again

What a marvellous little bird.Just wish it had been nearer or I had a stronger zoom.

it was swimming under water then popping up in a different spot.


ShySongbird said...

The Nuthatch is so sweet Sheila I thought at first glance it was a ittle Squirrel or Mouse or similar, As for the Dipper, it must have been fascinating to watch, no wonder you took lots of photos! Am I right in thinking this wasn't your garden?

Warren Baker said...

Sheila, amazing little birds, one I wont get on my patch!

swatson said...

not in my garden shysongbird(sadly)it was at the bird hide I help out with on the river in northumberland.
Warren I am in awe of this bird that has adapted itself so well to feed under water.It can hold its breath for up to 30 seconds I think

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Sheila.
Lovely photo's of the Dipper and congrats on your patience. Nice picture of the Nuthatch too.They are amazing

karen said...

Lovely pics Sheila! The nuthatch pic is fab! Amazing it never fell off!!! How lovely to see the dipper in action x

denzil said...

hi sheila, just read through your posts, great photos as usual, that stream of yours just seems to get better and better.


Jann said...

How lucky to get shots of a dipper! They're quite elusive little buggars here in the US...I've barely seen one let alone gotten a photo.