Saturday, 4 July 2009

not a good photo through the window and at first thought it was a fluffy chick.However sitting outside later I saw this poor greenfinch struggling trying to swallow some water and realised this was the third bird in my garden to show signs of this horrible disease.I have had no choice but to take down all my horizontal feeders to try to stop the spread.It was a difficult day yesterday seeing my goldfinches,chaffinches, greenfinches and yellowhammers looking for the seeds.


karen said...

Poor little thing Sheila, i know it must be breaking your heart, it would mine! keep up the good work, and you will crack it! karenxxx

Jayne said...

So sorry My friend, It will soon pass, keep your chin up!!

swatson said...

thanks for knowing and sharing how I feel,nice to know we are so alike