Tuesday, 9 June 2009

These frantic feeders are around all day long and my poor little birds hardly get a look in.They are comical to watch but not what I would call stressfree calming bird watching.Easier to see enlarged look at the little one hanging on for dear life above.


denzil said...

you certainly get your money's worth from the starlings, great pics sheila.


Jayne said...

Mom & Dad's hanging feeders tend to look a bit like yours there Sheila, we only get the odd one or two sturkies here. Lovely shots of the Tree Sparrow!!

Warren Baker said...

You've certainly caught the busy atmosphere in your photo's sheila. It won't be long before theu all leave for the fields.

swatson said...

they are nearly breaking the bank denis,Jayne my friend you can have some of mine lol#

Warren thats the best news I have had for a while,keep thinking the young ones won't know how to look for food if its not in a metal cage

karen said...

Sheila, i know how you feel! They dont miss a trick! Im trying to hide food for the other birds, but they must have a food radar! Got up to 30 at a time, and youre right, its not peaceful birdwatching, especially with the baby sturks squabbling with each other!!!But they are entertaining, and the numbers will drop off im sure!(i hope!)x