Wednesday, 10 June 2009

just returned from shopping when I spotted what I thought was my regular yellowhammer,grabbed camera when I realised it was'nt.After looking through my old posts it was a greywagtail that visited last year and this is a yellow wagtail another first for me.


ShySongbird said...

Oh well done Sheila, yet more magic! It is on the red list of endangered species, as well! I don't think I am ever likely to see one in my garden. I did get a Pied Wagtail during the snow for a couple of days.
Every time I visit you I take on a strange green pallor, I wonder why ;)
Lovely flowers also.

denzil said...

good shot sheila, my mother gets them in her garden quite often but never had any in ours.

swatson said...

thanks shysongbird can't believe how lucky I am and as I have said so many times the stream is a magnet for all birds.
I have never seen one before and had to check that it was the yellow wagtail.I only just managed the shot and it was off.Sheila

Warren Baker said...

To have a Yellow Wagtail in your garden is quite remarkable Sheila. You must have a lovely local area, have you explored it more ?

Jayne said...

WOW OH WOW yet again my friend, love the flowers on the previous post too!! Your hard work certainly pays off!!!

Steve said...

What's a wagtail? ;-)

Well done, Sheila.

I wonder if my brother (who reads your blog) will mind if I dig up the path for a stream :)

swatson said...

I am ashamed to say warren that although I have always enjoyed nature and wildlife it is only this last year or so when I really started "looking" at the birds in my garden and never really looked around the local area.I must be the luckiest laziest birdwatcher.Even had the red kite land on my lawn during the winter for raw meat I had put out.
Jayne the geraniums where just for geordie magpie'benefit.
Steve after all your hard work don't thing your brother would be a happy chappy.But you know how I feel about my stream bestest thing ever......(looks tidier from a distance mind)

karen said...

You never cease to amaze me with your bird sightings Sheila!!! How fantastic to have one of these beautiful birds in your Magic Stream!!! Im also turning a shade of green!!! i WANT A STREAM x