Monday, 18 May 2009

I can't believe the number of birds that have started bathing in my stream.Never had the goldies bathing yet today they have been back several times.At one time there were sparrows,goldies,blackbird and yellowhammer all in the stream .


karen said...

Fabulous pics again sheila! The sparrows look like little punk rockers! Fantastic! karen x

Jayne said...

Lovely Sheila, ours have been ignoring the bird bath and bathing in the natural water feature here (huge great puddle) LOL

ShySongbird said...

What lovely, lovely photos Sheila, I would so like your stream and now you've made me envious again, with mention of Yellowhammers this time! We used to see them some years ago on a local walk but never in the garden.

I'm sure you will be seeing juvenile Goldfinches before too long and I don't think you will have any trouble at all recognising them, they are quite distinctive.

swatson said...

thanks everyone,your right about punk rockers Karen,birds look so different when bedraggled.then again so do we lol.
Jayne,marvellous what a little water must mean to our feathered friends I think people tend to forget about putting some water in the garden.Puddles disappear I know your kindness won't my friend.
Shysongbird,the yellowhammers are an amazing colour.The male that visits has such a right yellow head you would think he had been dipped in custard,good enough to eat lol