Tuesday, 26 May 2009


fluffy baby starling

the lovely tree sparrow

not a good shot through the window but a tree sparrow feeding its young with a young chaffie beside them


ShySongbird said...

Sheila! You're at it again!! A Tree Sparrow, I haven't seen one since I was a child! From now on I shall think of your site as Sheila's Magic Garden, all your photos are delightful and you are so lucky to get so many different birds. I see you are still seeing the Yellowhammer as well, sob!! ;)

The baby Starling is so fluffy it almost looks like a duckling!

By the way I have just seen this year's first juvenile Goldfinches in the garden.

swatson said...

You are so kind and from someone who has such a fabulous blog it is praise indeed.that is a lovely title as well shysongbird thanks for that.I really am getting a lot of the treesparrows and they are just gorgeous little things.I think I saw a baby yellowhammer but not very good at getting it right.Congrats on the goldie babies,still hoping.

Warren Baker said...

Wow ! tree sparrow, they are extinct here!

swatson said...

thanks Warren.I am ashamed to say before I started really looking and enjoying birds I didnt know there was a difference between tree sparrows and house sparrows.I have quite a few visit my garden and today there has been lots of little ones.Just love their little caps

Jayne said...

You really do have the most wonderful array of visitors there Sheila my friend, I think I saw a tree sparrow on k=just the one occasion last year nothing since. That little starling is adorable!!

swatson said...

thanks Jayne,he is a fluffy little fellow isnt he/she.there is a lot of them visiting now,eating everything in sight

Steve said...

Wonderful photos again, Sheila. I love the fluffy starling - mine were older when they came.

The only tree sparrows I've ever seen are on your blog :) and you even get a baby.

That stream and your location are a magical combination.

Mac said...

Fabulous birds Sheila, your garden really is amazing. I love the tree sparrows, never had any here, it's too urban I think. The baby chaffinch being fed is lovely and your starling is so fluffy!