Saturday, 2 May 2009

The blackbirds have been out in force these last few days mostly fighting but caught this one having a relaxing bath

this feeder is so popular all the birds from the blue tit, robin,starlings,woodie here a blackbird and as you can see below an even larger bird.


karen said...

Absolutely beautiful picture of the blackie bathing sheila! Got to be my favourite one so far!karen x

swatson said...

thanks Karen.Its quite comical at times to see one trying to chase the other out of the stream and it goes back in further down.

JooMoo said...

Wow, that's a great gsw photo.
You manage to take such clear shots

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Sheila
I agree. nice photographs. Good G/S/Woodpecker shot.Have a good weekend.

ShySongbird said...

Oh Sheila how I would love to see a Woodpecker in my garden! You do have a wonderful array of different birds and lovely photos again.

swatson said...

thanks to you all.I am lucky that I just sit in my comfy chair and take the pics out of the window.Feeder situated in just he right place.thanks Ken when retired weekdays and weekends are just the same.In fact prefer the quieter days through the week
shysongbird,when we first moved here there were no plants or shrubs at all so very few birds,it has took 9 years of hard work to
get where we are and I still count my blessings every day

denzil said...

wonderful photos sheila, the one of the blackbird is straight out of the top drawer.