Sunday, 19 April 2009

this is a close up of the flowers on a shrub in my garden.I think it is a form of berberis and it is always a mass of berries in the winter

this is one of my favourite spring shrubs.A form of spirea( I think) it never fails to produce a mass of bloom.Trouble is I never know whether it should be pruned.


Jayne said...

Lovely photies again Sheila, love the little spikey friend and that spirea looks gorgeous ours has just got a few white fronds but then I did prune ours back so perhaps that's the answer, yours is by far the better!!

swatson said...

thanks Jayne,the reason I rarely prune is cos......dont know how lol

denzil said...

great photos once again sheila, is that your first sighting of a hedgehog this year, don't know the answer to the birds cooling them selves but i'm sure one of our knowledgeable forum friends will.


swatson said...

thanks denis,yes its the first hedgehog I have seen in my garden for quite a while.None last year.