Sunday, 12 April 2009

Don't know how many will turn into frogs but my pond has hundreds of tadpoles in


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Sheila
Nice picture of your pond, and tadpole. How big is your pond sheila? Looks like you are going to have a fair few Frogs, if the Tadpoles don't get eaten.
Always good to see Jackdaws.I like a pretty bird. Nice Blog Sheila.

swatson said...

Thanks Ken it is just a small wildlife pond about 5ftx5ft.Just dug it a couple of months ago.
thanks for you kind comments

Ken Browne. said...

I have a small pond Sheila, about the same size.I have had it about 2 years. It is a natural one, no pump etc or fish, just want to see what appears, but no frogs have appeared yet. I would love to hear about your pond, why not email me. Ken

ShySongbird said...

Well blow me down Sheila! I read your post and thought 'I wonder how big the pond is' and Ken has wondered exactly the same thing! Surely you didn't dig it all out yourself? I would so love a pond but worry about all the leaves, will you have that problem?
Never see Jackdaws here, well done!

Jayne said...

I'll answer that one for my dear friend shysongbird, Shelia really did dig out the pond herself and what a good job she has done too, just look at all those tadpoles in just a short space of time.
Well done Sheila you really do deserve a pat on the aching back for that delightful little pond!!!

denzil said...

great news on the tadpoles sheila, thanks for sharing your wildlife pond, looking forward to more posts.


swatson said...

thanks for all your kind comments.As Jayne said I did dig it myself,hubby helped me put the liner in and some water,the rest is all my own work as they say.I did have one in another part of the garden but had to fill that one in so some of my frogs came over from that one.I used to get dragonfly nymphs as well but dont htink that will happen.I have another pond with fish in.Started off with about 8 and now up to about 35 although lost a few smaller ones lately with skinflux.
Shysongbird I do get leaves in both ponds just net them out and just before winter try to clean as much out as I can.I think its worth it