Thursday, 12 March 2009

pleased my new pond is successful


ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Sheila and each of those faces had a cheeky look, the frog definitely had his eye on you!

swatson said...

thanks shysongbird,bit fed up of seeing the sparrowhawk as I am torn between it needing to feed and not wanting to see my birds caught.

denzil said...

excellent photos again sheila, love the frog and the next generation, the nest box seems to have attracted an admirer, know what you mean about the sparrowhawk, my garden is still devoid of little birds, hence no posts on my blog, i'm that fed up with the sparrowhawk that i wont photograph it anymore, (that'll show it i mean business),
do you have newts in your pond and dragonfly nymphs, those where my favourites when i was a kid.


swatson said...

thanks denis have had to fill in my old wildlife pond which used to have dragonfly nymphs but never saw a newt.Hope this one is as lucky,frogs are a start.Know wat you mean about the sparrowhawk it just fascinates me