Thursday, 5 March 2009

My first ever sighting of a snipe at the local bird hide.What a long beak which is was probing right into the mud for food.


Steve said...

Cool photos, Sheila. It looks like it's walking on water there.

One day (when I've retired?) I'll see about looking for local hides.

ShySongbird said...

Nice photos, Sheila. I think if it could talk it would say 'ooh this water's cold'. We don't have anywhere around here with hides so it must be nice to be able to do that where you are.

swatson said...

thanks for you comments I think I was colder than the birds sitting inside the hide shysongbird.It is only five minutes drive for me and ashamed to say only just found it a few months ago.
Steve I love being retired but its a shame life is too busy at times for us to do what we want.It will come and quicker than you think