Friday, 6 March 2009

for anyone wondering if they could have a wildlife pond in their garden.With just a small sloping hole,some liner,pebbles and gravel you can have a little haven for the wildlife and birds.


Jayne said...

Oh Sheila that little pond is just delightful and you've not done my patience a bit of good, naughty girl lol. What a peaceful looking little haven to sit on that there bench and just be grateful to be alive. I really must get one if I start digging OH won't have much of a choice now will he??????

swatson said...

thanks Jayne the bench will be the boundary of our garden when the other bit of land goes.Needless to say behind the bench... oh my dear what a mess.Dont be too hard on OH

denzil said...

hi sheila would love to have a pond like yours but as we have 3 small grandchildren i guess we will have to wait quite awhile, hope you post more photos of your pond when things start to liven up.

swatson said...

thanks Denis.Most of my grandkids are 15+ but the 4yr old does have to be watched.Luckily he is as bright as a button and does as he is told.Will keep updates and hopefully will get some frogspawn although none as yet